May 18, 2009

at the Shanghai Television Festival June 12 2009. I will be making my first trip to China in 18 years for the screening!

Their blurb “After Invisible city’s is released to the public in Singapore, it is regarded as a film that every Singaporeans should see, because “Singaporeans have gradually lost the real and indigenous collective memory, being replaced by the memory of a global world.” It is not only a picture of urban characteristics, but also a mix of diverse nations and rich life deposits. The direct guides the audience to the ordinary people’s life in Singapore through the exquisite decoration of modernization by means of talk and follow shots. Tan Pin Pin’s InvisibleCity shows the almost forgotten past of Singapore: the gradually lost memories of the elders, the old film which is going to be wiped out and those self-reflections under the political power. It intellectually includes different historical scenes, letting the history cross between easiness and seriousness. It has some new inspiration to the historical narration in Asia.”


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