School of Inattention: It is the fragility of human memory that becomes the heart of Invisible City (Cinemanila)

Updates Live: It that has the courage and honesty to refuse any artifice to seduce the attendance and lets the subject to speak for itself.

Xenoboysg “There is a certain beauty in Tan Pin Pin’s new documentary. Underlying this beauty is a grief of absence.”

Singapore Angle “The triumph of Tan’s documentary was to convey how deeply personal such memories and histories were, how fragile their existence hung in the minds, words and artifacts of private individuals against the crushing weight of History with the capital H, of The definitiveness of The Singapore Story”.

Citizen Historian “Experiencing Invisible City as a history student”

Twitch Film “… by the time the documentary ends, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by concurrent thoughts of what went on, and be bursting to share and discuss the many intricate subtexts that present themselves in the different narrative threads.”

Cyril Wong
“As compared to her previous work, Singapore GaGa, there is less of an oblique humour and more of a inclination towards reflection and sympathy for the real-life people featured in the documentary.”

Yawning Bread
(contains spoilers) “…She weaves together footage taken at various times, of different people, such that it gradually dawns on the viewer what the common thread is that ties them all together. She takes her time to let her interviewees speak; even their pauses are significant.” (contains spoilers)

Ampulets “…if a lifetime cannot be summarised and archived – however important and valiant the efforts to etch and record and excavate and (re)tell and document and preserve – the very brevity of each encounter in the film suffices” “Invisible City, for me, is an eye-opening and thought-provoking documentary”

Time Out Interview with Pin Pin

IS magazine “..the end-result is poignant and fascinating”

Reuters Interview with Pin Pin about Invisible City

Straits Times
Interview with Pin Pin

Stencil and logotype by Mindwasabi


2 Responses to “*Reviews”

  1. Elena said

    Miss Tan has retold a forgotten collective memory in a way each generation will appreciate, one that is so essential to us as a young culture. She has helped us to remember and bring to light several important moments that existed in Singapore and has helped us to appreciate what a lot of us didn’t. Our history.

  2. Eric Lim said

    Hungry for more! Looking forward for Invisible City (2). Make it a full length feature! Then the story of each character can be expounded further. Keep working! Cheers!

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