Now Available On Demand

January 20, 2015

Happy to announce that Invisible City is now available for viewing via Vimeo on Demand. In case you haven’t seen the trailer:

Watch the full film online now at:


Nice long legs

October 7, 2010

Up coming screenings

Tokyo, Japan, Asian Network of Documentaries in Japan, part of Yamagata International Film Festival in Tokyo, 24 Oct, 2010

London, United Kingdom, Sinfest, 11-13 Nov 2010

Lund, Sweden, Urban Docs Asia 7-10 Dec 2010

Melbourne, Australia, Singapore Film Festival Melbourne, 4-7 Sep 2010

at the Shanghai Television Festival June 12 2009. I will be making my first trip to China in 18 years for the screening!

Their blurb “After Invisible city’s is released to the public in Singapore, it is regarded as a film that every Singaporeans should see, because “Singaporeans have gradually lost the real and indigenous collective memory, being replaced by the memory of a global world.” It is not only a picture of urban characteristics, but also a mix of diverse nations and rich life deposits. The direct guides the audience to the ordinary people’s life in Singapore through the exquisite decoration of modernization by means of talk and follow shots. Tan Pin Pin’s InvisibleCity shows the almost forgotten past of Singapore: the gradually lost memories of the elders, the old film which is going to be wiped out and those self-reflections under the political power. It intellectually includes different historical scenes, letting the history cross between easiness and seriousness. It has some new inspiration to the historical narration in Asia.”

Taiwan Festival Award

February 23, 2009

Having previously won the Prix Internationale de la SCAM at Cinema du Reel, we are pleased to inform you that  we won Asian Vision Award Merit Prize at the Taiwan International Documentary Festival in Nov 2008

The Citation

“Facilitated dialogues among different historical locales through intellectually rich images, enabling memories to travel between lightness and gravity. This film brings new inspiration and stimulation to the telling of Asian histories as a whole.”

Toronto Singapore Film Festival, 4 April 2009 (Saturday) in Innis Town Hall , 2 Sussex Avenue , Toronto

>> Singapore, Media Fiesta, 7pm 20 March, Cineleisure, (Director present for Q&A)

Mexico City, Ambulante, 12 February (Director present for Q&A)

Cinemanila October, 18 Oct 2008 (Director present for Q&A)

DVD on sale now

August 24, 2008

The Invisible City DVD is on sale as part of a 3-DVD box set of Tan Pin Pin’s films. In Singapore you can buy it now at Kinokuniya, HMV, Books Actually, Objectifs, National Museum shop. Its US$36. If you are overseas, buy it here

Distributed by Objectifs Films. DVD extras include audio commentary with Tan Pin Pin and script consultant Tan Siok Siok,
(possibly a first for a Singapore film to provide that) a filmlet made with
Ivan Polunin’s sound archives, and the trailer. The DVD liner notes are
by Alfian Sa’at. More info about the box set is available here

Design by Mindwasabi/Martin Ong


August 24, 2008

Smithsonian Museum, Freer & Sackler Gallery Washington DC, USA 14 Sep

Taiwan International Documentary Festival 1-9 Nov

Perth, Singapore Western Australian Network National Day Screening 10 Aug

Rome Asian Film Festival 28 July

Women’s Film festival of Brussels 18-21 Sep

Humanities Conference, National Institute of Education, Singapore 18 Nov

Invisible City and Singapore GaGa are screening back to back at Sinema Old School next week onwards. Its part of a documentary festival featuring Boomtown Beijing and Feet Unbound. Just buy a ticket!

I will be at the Q&A on 10 July for both films

Ticket Hotline 6336-9707. Here are the times. Thurs and Sats only. Short run only

Invisible City Jul 10, 12, 17 & 26
Thu & Sat: 9.15pm – 10.15pm

Jul 19
Sat: 3pm – 4pm

Singapore GaGa
Jul 10, 12, 17 & 26
Thu & Sat: 8pm – 9pm

ISEAS Screening

March 25, 2008

From ISEAS’ programme notes for the screening
“As its name implies, this documentary is about a Singapore that remains invisible, pointing to national consciousness as a fragmented reality with critical bits ignored or demonised. Turning a sharp eye on the subject of memory, the film takes its audience to meet some engaging people struggling to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear: an aging film maker fighting valiantly against time and fading memory to catalogue his treasure trove of rare old footage of the island; an aggrieved student activist from the 1950s wanting to set the record straight for history; etc. In turn poignant, indignant and thought-provoking, the film invites debate about how the past can be remembered and history written, objectively, without fear or favour.”Invisible City is the second film funded by the ISEAS

A Q&A with the film-maker will follow the screening chaired by ISEAS Fellow Dr Hui Yew-Foong.

Date: Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Time: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: ISEAS Seminar Room II

email: or call Betty at Tel: 6870-2472/6778-0955.


Caption: “Hey who gives you the right to take our picture?’


March 17, 2008

le Prix international de la Scam at the Cinema du Reel

A witty, intellectually challenging essay on history and memory as tools of civil resistance

Scam?? société civile des auteurs multimédia, en dehors de son rôle de gestion, a pour mission de défendre la création audiovisuelle ex aequo